My practice has reached a point where I believe that a work of art should have an ability to communicate for itself without the viewer being directed towards a particular understanding.  The majority of my work is process and chance based, using a sculptural approach which involves a lot of painting, I take found objects and re-appropriate their history to form new narratives. I am drawn to the process of art porvera, the process feels intrinsically autobiographical. Using discarded objects there is an innate sadness about them, their utility has come to its end and this becomes my starting point. I am interested in the point of tension where an object could either be destroyed or resurrected, and I communicate this through the ambiguity of paint as sculpture.  I would consider a large part of my practice to be be about making paintings verge towards sculpture and it is this space in between the two mediums I find fascinating. I have done this by allowing the medium of paint, meaning the materiality of the medium to become more visible as an object freed from canvas.  As an artist I am trying to negotiate my practice and life experiences, this has resulted in a body of work that has evolved through time. I take an organic approach to making my work mainly because I use found objects which require many variations until the balance, composition and emotion make a piece feel complete.                                                                                              James Tailor