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My practice has reached a point where I am exploring the idea that a work of art should have an ability to communicate for itself without the viewer being directed towards a particular understanding of said work. As an artist my main concerns are how I negotiate my practice and life experiences within my chosen mediums. This has resulted in a body of work that evolves throughout time. Some elements of my practice are readable through a combination of painting, sculpture, installation, video or performance.

I have spent several years experimenting with the concept of painting and what exactly that entails. When constructing a painting does the work need to be on a canvas or can it be on an object? Could the work be displayed on the floor or even on a human and still be read as a painting? These are questions that people have been exploring for a long time and I consider some of my pieces to be communicating with this.

I’m trying to work out what I can stretch paint onto, or how far I can pull it away from the metaphorical canvas before it breaks, and this break is what I find interesting and am trying to embrace. One of the things I enjoy most about my practice is that I don’t feel tied to a particular medium or style of work. Some days I want to pay respect to known objects and create 3D replicas made out of paint, other days I want to see what would happen if I took a 270cm squared acrylic sheet, folded it several times and nailed it to a board. Or I might want to explore how resilient the sheet is and attach it to a stretcher. Whether the viewer considers the final work to be an installation, a sculpture, or a painting is really down to themselves but for me the one constant is paint and I approach everything I do from the starting point of a painter in terms of colour, balance and composition.

Some of my works have been created out of curiosity rather than a need to express a particular idea and currently this is allowing emotion or personal narrative to be present within pieces.

Although my areas of my work are part of a larger contextual conversation which I am invested in, I try to maintain a playful approach in my execution to make my work accessible for as many people as possible.